Workshops, seminars, travel …

Waldport, Oregon. November 2011 at Ancient Light Bookstore

Workshop: Dream On! Dreams, Dreaming and Personal Myth Saturday, November 12 at 10:00am – November 13 at 1:00pm

Following up- following on – and – ready for new participant/dreamers!

We will “incubate” a dream, explore personal and cultural myth, and learn ways to incorporate dreaming into our creative work (be it rocket scientist, gardener, or dancer … or Celtic player! [see note below.])

(NOTE: Music lovers: there is a Celtic Music Festival in Yachats this weekend, I will be attending and this workshop will “work around” the festival schedule. More info:​astalceltic)

Other conferences, performances, and workshops: 

Saybrook Alumni Homecoming – August 26 – 27, 2011 – Westin, SFO I will be at The Saybrook (my grad school) doing a panel on sustainable farming and the food biz. (While I cater to make money, this also is a passion of mine.)  I also edit the alumni newsletter.

Nov. 11-14:  Coastal Celtic Music Festival, Yachats, Oregon (I am also doing a workshop in Dreams & Personal Myth concurrent with the festival at Ancient Light Bookstore in Waldport.) BTW_ great music festival, I highly recommend it! Staying at the few-amenities-clean & cheap-but- fairly nice & centrally located “Y’tel Hotel” in Yachats. (Across the street from the main concert venue).

Southwest Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association February 8-11, 2012  Albuquerque, New Mexico. I will probably stay at the “Blue Hotel” in Old Town.  My paper this year is all about F/SF literary tends in rock & roll – beginning with the 60s rockers and on into the present. I’m hoping to do a multi-media presentation with lots of samples. (My fantasy is to bring a guitar player with me to demonstrate – but, that’s probably going too far..)

The International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)San Jose, CA USA, July 15-20, 2012 I chair the proto-SIG in Arts Informed Inquiry with Bela A. Banathy, Ph.D. (The call will be “up” shortly on the ISSS website, but you can query now – I am particularly interested in the cybernetics connection and in using art-as-inquiry into otherwise elusive aspects of human experience.)


10-4PM One day Workshop:  The Royal Road: Dreams, Dreaming and Personal Myth

To pre-register:

The Royal Road: A Workshop on Dreams and Dreaming

Duration: ONE DAY – aprx. 9:45 AM – 4 PM (contact me for 2-day seminar or 3 day retreat descriptions).

(Note: tailored somewhat based upon the interests of the students who attend.)
Dreams are the Royal Road to the unconscious.  Dreams are a language of myth and symbol uniquely your own and provide a well of creativity and wisdom to draw upon for self-learning, growth and to inspire us in our lives.

A workshop in dreams, dreaming & creativity:  Hands-on, experiential, fun/serious using myth, symbol, ritual, and your creative ability for expression and self-exploration.
My work is based in the research of artist and researcher Dr. Maria Volchenko and hat of Drs. Stanley Krippner, David Feinstein, Jean Houston, and Allan Combs, leaders in the fields of dreams and creativity studies.  Anyone interested in dreams and dreaming is welcome!  This work has also proven itself to be very useful for psychology and consciousness studies students, as well as writers, musicians, and artists of many varieties and  “just ordinary folk” who are interested in their dreams.  It is very magical and very powerful.  Participants come away with a “tool-kit” of sorts to assist in understanding and using their dreams for understanding their inner symbolic language and utilize this understanding for growing as a human being and for creative expression.

Suggested Books: Feinstein & Krippner: The Mythic Path: Discovering the Guiding Stories of Your Past — Creating a Vision for Your Future
(Re-issued as:) Personal Mythology: Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Story David Feinstein Ph.D.  Stanley Krippner

(These are hard to find, but are available):
Maria Volchenko: Prisoners of Dreams. Fairy Tales for Adult Children (15 Tales). Norma Publ., Moscow,1999
Dreaming: Art and Practice. Astrel-AST-Olimp Publ., Moscow, 2007

Lezlie Kinyon, PHD, Saybrook Graduate School, SF CA. Human Science, consciousness studies.  I am a researcher, writer, poet and artist.


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  1. Wonderful Blogging Leslie, I will be subscribing.

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