Best Places on Hwy 101

This area will be updated shortly… all of the information was old and outdated, and has been removed.


7 responses to “Best Places on Hwy 101

  1. A trip up north on 101 is not complete without a stop at the wonderfully kitschy, tacky and strange roadside attraction, Trees of Mystery. I hear they took down the giant talking Paul Bunyan a while ago, but the skytram is really cool, and their is much joy and wonder in the gift shop

    • Thanks— It is a fun place to stop on a long drive. The restaurant across 101 is pretty mundane, but edible. Walking in the the trees are worth the stop. Lezlie

  2. Great place! thanks –

  3. was that a coffee shop where the
    2 gals were very buzzed on brew?
    ill check out the spot and get the name.

    • Thanks- I was just up ther, i am afraid that the coffee shop is closed. There is a new (ish) one across the street, but no nearly so entertaining & the coffee prices are highway robbery!

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