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About the Poppets

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All of my soft sculpture stationary puppets (non-articulated marionettes) or “poppets” are made from “scratch”.  Each poppet is set lovingly into his or her “setting” made of materials found in nature or crafted from papier mâché.
The poppets are first sculpted into a wood-fiber medium and then finished using papier maché techniques “borrowed” from Italian Renaissance puppetry designed to “glow” by embedding a mineral-based pigment into the medium.  The stone eyes are embedded into the medium as it takes shape and are often shaped citrine, hematite, or iolite.
The term papier mâché (pronounced póp-ee-ay mash-áy) comes from the French phrase meaning, “chewed paper.”  A centuries old medium used in mask making, folk art and theater, papier mâché mediums are gaining respect for their versatility and beauty among artists and critics alike.Faery Harper-detail
Each poppet’s body is built on an armature and is not “poseable”. The hair is hand-dyed wool and silk roving.  The  “costumes” are made from silks, linens, braids, handwovens, found objects, antique treasures, and semi-precious stones such as amber, jade, goldstone, citrine, moonstones, and pearls.  The “scene” is carefully constructed around the character represented to “tell” the individual poppet’s story.
My inspiration is from dreams, myth, story telling, song and my long-time love affair with the natural world.

dscn0121These sculptures are not intended as toys for children and attempting to ingest the small pieces could easily hurt small ones.

It is not our destination that makes our fate,

but the road traveled that shapes who we are.  – Old Russian saying


2 responses to “Art

  1. Hi Lezlie,
    these poppets are just great!!!
    I should look for some spesial fairy tales for you.

  2. I would love that! If you send them I will make poppets & send photos!

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