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Birth Control – we won that battle a long time ago …

I need to write a bit of a rant, here. It is time to remind the GOP & the Demos (especially those in Congress) that 69% of all American women and a slightly smaller percentage of men (the actual number is harder to come by) have used Planned Parenthood for health services. What for? Cancer screening, STDs- prevention, treatment & referral, birth control including vasectomies, ligation, the pill Рand condoms. Lots and lots of condoms. The stats for 2009 Рalone Рare:  Planned Parenthood provided 4,009,549 contraceptive services (35% of total), 3,955,926 sexually transmitted disease services (35% of total), 1,830,811 cancer related services (16% of total), 1,178,369 pregnancy/prenatal/midlife services (10% of total), 332,278 abortion services (3% of total), and 76,977 other services (1% of total), for a total of 11,383,900 services. The organization also said its doctors and nurses annually conduct 1 million screenings for cervical cancer and 830,000 breast exams. (From: Planned Parenthood, annual report, 2009/10)

 Call to Action:

Congress funds this incredibly popular service at 10% – largely because of “religious objections”. These figures may actually be larger, as not all people who use these services (especially the free condoms) fill out forms in the offices. It certainly does not include the dissemination of information regarding STDs and sex education throughout the country. We all vote. I move that we all flood the GOP with these stats & (graphic) photos of what advanced syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, chlamydia, untreated genital & breast cancer (of both genders), botched abortions, women worn out with too many pregnancies, and ignorant youth actually looks like.

It is time to stand up for the freedom to control our bodies, to choose what our families will look like, to have or not to have children, and our heath care choices. To let our elected officials know, in no uncertain terms, that it is not the time to end funding or limit our choices because of a loud minority, but to expand these services. To say, once again, “Birth Control: Free, confidential, and on demand for all Americans!”