Updates… couples places not reccomended …

View fromthe Drift Inn, Yachats, Oregon

I recently traveled to Yachats, Oregon to the Celtic music Festival via 101 (my favorite highway).  There are some photos posted here of Lady Autumn’s Brightest Finery: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2706539985269.2152074.1309881889&type=1&l=1511490c59

I fear this post is going to be about a couple of places I don’t recommend during your travels:

Gold Beach Resort. Right on the ocean, clean and convenient. Well thought of on Trip Adviser, so I tried it.  Economical at 71.00 per night (although not the best “deal” the Coast has to offer in winter rates). However, the room was cold and there were no extra blankets or pillows to be had. The outside doors did not close properly and the sliders were not secure. The refrigerator was plugged in, but did not work.  The television has some direct TV contract that randomly changed channels as the evening progressed and the Public Television feed (Oregon Public Broadcasting) was replaced by a rightist Christian channel with endless “witnessing” and political harangues.  Nor did the radio pick up anything on the FM dial (there is plenty of choices in Southern Oregon for radio, my car radio was alive with feeds).  Wanting to use the fitness center, I inquired when it was open (the doors were locked at 6PM) the registration desk worker shrugged, “I don’t know.”

The final insult was at 6AM when getting ready to leave: the shower did not work. (I took a bath…)  The arrangement is esoteric and requires some instruction (there is none in the room, you have to ask.) I pulled, shoved, twisted, and generally attempted every maneuver I could think of and nothing happened.   The water was tepid at best.

Advertised breakfast was stale “store-bought”  pastries, cold cereals, really bad coffee (a truly new level of badness) and something that resembled gravy & biscuits, but was cold and the gravy congealed (at 7:30 AM). DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL.

Redfish Restaurant, Port Orford, Oregon.   On the way home, seeking food, I stopped in Port Orford.  The Redfish Restaurant was just about the only thing open. Right on the cliff side, very modern and sleek.  It has a very large bar and a menu right out of San Francisco with prices and tiny portions to match.  I ordered the cheese and fruit plate. What I got was four very small “samples” of cheese – not one an Oregonian (or even west coast) variety.  They were not “upscale” cheeses: a Wisconsin sharp, a Midwestern  muenster, and something that tasted remarkably like a fair-to-middling ordinary Jack.  The fruit was a drizzle of something syrupy with four small blueberries and several hazelnuts.  It came with four toasted slices of focaccia. The focaccia was OK, if not fresh.   Walk the cliffs, have a beer at Redfish on the lovely balcony, take some photos, but have your lunch (or, dinner) somewhere else.


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