Songs for the season…

A little late,  but still apropos as, according to Irish lore, the month of November was called Samhain, the period of October 31 from sunset to sunset on November 1 was called oiche shamhna.  Literally translated as the “end of summer”, all fires were extinguished and the people gathered to both taste the harvest and to honor the faery realms and the ancestors as the “doors between worlds” briefly opened.  We now refer only to October 31 by that name and/or by the more common All Hallows Eve or Halloween.  The onset of winter and the dark season was looked upon with trepidation by our ancestors.   (I have written elsewhere on this subject some what extensively, links are provided at the end of this post.)    Star, the writer of Pantheon The Pagan Blog At Patheos ( posted 13 songs for Samhain. Sometime in the middle of the night I started thinking about what my 13 choices would be.  Here they are (order subject to change without warning):

13. Loreena McKennitt – All souls night  (lyrics):

12. “Souling Song – Samhain Version” – Kristen Lawrence 

and (alternately)  Souling Song – Sting

11. Dead Can Dance Tribute – Yulunga (Spirit Dance)

10. Lisa Thiel – Samhain Song


8. Dante’s Prayer – Loreena McKennitt –

7. “Weaver, Weaver” Starhawk (can’t find a link…)

6. SJ Tucker –   Come To The Labyrinthfrom: Blessings by SJ Tucker

5. Burning Times by Charlie Murphy

4. Were-owl from Walk the Wire: literal internet singles by SJ Tucker

3. Johnny Cash – Ghost Riders In The Sky

2. Fairport Convention – Tam Lin [Live at BBC]

1. Title: Honor to the Untamed God  (Recorded on “Let it Begin, Now: the music of the Spiral Dance. I don’t know who wrote it):

On Last FM (download):

Links to previous writings on Samhain and things … a bit chilly around the edges:

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Samhain 2011 - the coming season of darkness and waiting seeds below the earth captured in a pumpkin.


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